Hitler’s wife, improvised Danish, and a tormenting Oxford graduate interview are just some of the delights of Vinegar Knickers: On the Edge. In this tongue-in-cheek nose dive into the so-called “edgy”, the inimitable threesome of Vinegar Knickers throw out their most classic hipster comedy moves, revelling in the kooky and borderline.

On a mission to be the edgiest show on the Fringe, Vinegar Knickers get serious and dig deep to showcase their most acidic “controversial” content in that ever edgy setting of a laundrette. Comprising short and snappy sketches that require rapid costume changes and dynamic character versatility, this is a show that keeps providing fresh entertainment, minute after minute.

Strangely innocent-seeming themselves, these three young comediennes have a refreshing easiness with the crowd that makes their raucous comedy stay generally on the safe side of offensive. With wonderfully expressive faces and an eye for detail in character creation, Vinegar Knickers had an instant likeability factor – an unusual trait for this genre of comedy.

Katie Burnetts, in particular, shines with every new character she takes on, igniting the crowd into fits of giggles that see us dying for her re-appearance throughout each sketch. The depiction of her elderly grandmother who decides to shoot a film about her life-long love affair with Hitler is a particular highlight that cannot fail to make you chuckle; such is the acute observation and attention to detail.

Despite its self-conscious naivety and warmth, the controversial and occasionally risqué humour of this show wasn’t always to my own personal tastes. However, Vinegar Knickers certainly seemed to make a great impression on the thronging audience who became quickly under the thumb of these fascinatingly witty young performers.

****- 4/5 stars

Vinegar Knickers: On the Edge is at Just the Tonic@The Caves until August 27th at 14.40. For the tickets and information see the Edinburgh Fringe website.