2015BLINDMI_P3I’m starting to believe that the only comedy shows in existence should be improv comedy. Formed of seven St. Andrews university students, Blind Mirth’s comedy improv is hilarious from start to finish, and brilliantly intimate.

The set-up isn’t all that original. These are improv games you’ve probably seen before, particularly if you’ve ever dabbled in the art of drama workshops. But these formulae work, even more so since the audience drives the entire show. Their whole set has this wonderful feeling of intimacy, particularly in such a small venue; we propel the sketches by shouting out random words, and Blind Mirth are accepting of everything. In turn, every show is different.

They even create a 30-minute improvised play literally based on the contents of an audience member’s wallet, which then turns out to be both more entertaining and funnier than most scripted comedy I’ve seen at the Fringe. Blind Mirth have a knack for witty, intelligent humour, the sort you’ll find on shows like Mock the Week.

Blind Mirth also just seem to gel, bouncing off each other’s jokes and creating outlandish and fantastical situations. With so much comedy on offer at the Fringe, it’s almost hard not to try to pay a visit to the larger household names. But Blind Mirth offer something a lot more personal and, in turn, often a lot funnier.

Blind Mirth played at Paradise in the Vault (Venue 29) until 22 August. For more information, visit the Edinburgh Fringe website.