20151972THE_O71972 : The Future of Sex is an expertly devised piece of comedy, peppered with an immensely intelligent commentary about the concept of sex in our society, back when The Female Eunuch was a merely a transcript and ‘Lovelace’ was still ‘Deepthroat’. In its giggly exploration of the past, it reveals itself to be relevant today. Multiple stories enfold on stage in a truly collaborative piece. Wickedly funny, the group devises an echo-chamber of creativity. Its innovative take on sound and movement replicates internal thoughts, a TV set and pub background noises: the characters are masters in the art of ensemble.

With an excellent soundtrack in tow, the group recycles stereotypes of the past with a lightly ironic touch, saving it from the realm of the gimmicky.  There are moments of the sombre wrapped up with the silly. The actors take a moment to consider the rapid adaption of the porn industry to the technological revolution, the relationship between a girl and her Sociology lecturer turns sour in a haunting moment as his feminist theories turn out to be nothing but hollow academic pretense – “That’s it, they’re just…. theories”: the phrase speaks volumes. The vehicle of the comedy helps the actors explore concepts in a completely unpretentious and genuine way.

Flawlessly synchronised, the piece is held together by the soft evolution of Anton’s story. A boy struggling with his gender identity, the denouement of the play is beautifully shocking, never crude and delightfully sensitive. The carefully controlled sequences give each character equal attention, 1972 has been thought about, discussed and devised to great lengths. A play that jolts backwards, forwards, sideways and quite literally has characters suspended in air, it is the ensemble’s careful choreography that makes the whole thing move as if an amusing dance piece. Wardbrobe Ensemble has got it absolutely spot-on.

1972: The Future Of Sex is playing at ZOO ( Venue 124) from August 19th – 31st, as part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For more information, visit the Fringe website