I’ve been on a real adventure for the past three weeks. I’m a Triangular Nomad, dashing via railway between Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, making excellent use of my Young Person’s Railcard (because as of 29 July I will apparently have expired in terms of ‘youth’, at the grand old age of 25).

So, I’ve been trying to find a concise way to explain my Fellowship with Third Angel through the BBC Performing Arts Fund. It’s predominantly about making my new solo theatre show 21,000 Miles of Rail (working title) which I aim to premiere in the summer. It’s also about me answering questions about being an emerging artist and maker. Often I wonder: is ‘emerging’ the best term? It has connotations of coming from obscurity or concealment, which seems a little daunting. Maybe it’s more like ‘flowering’ or ‘transitioning’? Not sold? Me neither. Suggestions welcome below!

Anyway… (tangent?!)… The Leeds-Manchester-Sheffield existence is becoming increasingly inter-woven in that I am drawing links between people and venues more frequently, which provides a sense of right-time-right-place-ness that is comforting. This opportunity feels really exciting, but it is also one I won’t have again, so the pressure to really make the very best of the time I’m spending with Third Angel and their contacts is niggling at me. Time is really on my mind recently, and I wondered if I might share with you an example of what I’ve been doing with mine:

Monday 3 March
I’m leading a Performance as Research workshop for foundation degree Contemporary Theatre Practice students at The Arden Theatre School (Manchester). We’re all getting excited about the initial ideas and throwing in lots of “How about…” or “It reminds me of…” or “That is a BRILLIANT idea…”

Tuesday 4 March
I spent the day in a rehearsal space at Sheffield Theatres with Rachael Walton, deciding that a show about trains is going to be far more interesting than it sounds! Did you know you can’t travel by train between Penzance (farthest South UK station and Thurso (farthest North UK station) in under 23 hours?

Wednesday 5 March
Manchester Teaching

Thursday 6 March
Ditto but with lots of internal line-running for tomorrow night (see Friday 7)

Friday 7 March
I performed in The Animal Was Upon Him by Oliver Bray for Juncture at Yorkshire Dance programmed by Wendy Houstoun. Oliver and I have decided it is a Word Dance. Link to review below.


Saturday 8 March
I seriously LOVE Saturday mornings. I set up Birkenshaw Children’s Choir at Applause Theatre School (in between Leeds and Bradford) a few years ago and we sing together once a week.

Sunday 9 March
At home in Leeds doing lots of boring things like laundry and cooking.

Monday 10 March
I spent the afternoon with David Edmunds at DepArts discussing the role of the producer, tour booking and marketing. I learnt an enormous amount. David is so passionate about his company and a producing superhero.

So there’s my week. And I had better be off now because I’m just pulling into Manchester Piccadilly.

Watch this space…