Review: The Railway Children

The Railway Children is a must-see performance. Playing at Waterloo station and featuring a vintage steam train, the production was put together by York Theatre Royal productions.

The Railway Children is about three young children: Roberta, Peter and Phyllis. They move to Yorkshire when their father is sent away because he is (wrongly) found guilty of being a spy and selling state secrets. They live next to the railway and are involved in many adventures. It is a story involving laughter, tears and a variety of other emotions. But will the father ever return?

The space in which they perform was very cleverly set out. There were moving platforms which travelled up and down the train tracks, dramatically sweeping right across the stage, and creating a fantastic performance area. The set of this production was very imaginative; there aren’t other spaces like it. The idea of the moving platforms was a wonderful technique. It allowed the set to change at lightning speed: one platform would leave, then another would appear with a different set on it.

The actors involved in this performance are outstanding. Roberta is played movingly by Amy Noble, a fantastic actress who has also starred in other performances all over the U.K. Grace Rowe, who plays Phyllis, portrays a child with great accuracy. Tim Lewis, as Peter, also played a child well.

I enjoyed this performance because it was dramatic and exciting, because of the atmosphere created by the actors. The highlight of the performance for me was seeing the steam train, because I had never seen one before. Seeing The Railway Children is a fantastic experience, and I think that, no matter how old you are, you will enjoy this performance as much as I did.


The Railway Children is being performed in London until the 4th September 2011.