Rounding up the best theatre videos is always a challenge. There’s so many great videos being produced, not only here in the UK but in Europe too, which is why you might find a few videos below in foreign languages. Don’t let that put you off though, they deserve to be seen. As always you can view the videos in our YouTube playlist.

 Theatre Videos

1. National Theatre, 50th Birthday – Take Someone to the Theatre

With the 50th birthday celebrations for the National Theatre well underway, I can’t help but to admire these small but sweet video which encourages audiences – who ever and where ever you are – to take someone along to experience the magic of theatre.


2. Punchdrunk – The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable

Having seen this immersive production by Punchdrunk I’ve often found it difficult to describe what the experience is like. So has much of the marketing from the company itself (with the National Theatre), but fear not, this atmospheric and quite chilling video trailer for the epic performance dangles just enough to leave you wanting to hop along to experience the work itself. The video does a fine job of linking the filming and cinematic qualities of the piece with a film-like quality in the video itself, good work Punchdrunk, good work.


3. King’s Theatre, To Sir, With love 

Now here’s an interesting trailer for the new touring production of To Sir, With Love starring Matthew Kelly and Ansu Kabia by Royal and Derngate Northampton (and published on the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh Youtube channel). Capturing rehearsal footage is difficult, and often comes out a bit whishy-washy from my experience, but here there’s a quality and joy in watching the footage with the voiceovers. True, it’s too long and could have been two trailers, but I like the editing and colour filtering to give the video a smooth and rustic feel.


4. Teatr Śląski, Iwona, księżniczka Burgunda

We all speak and understand Polish right? I couldn’t tell you what any of the cast say in this trailer for Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy by Teatr Śląski, but I want to get on the Eurostar to find out. This trailer with its demanding music, perfectly focused shots, and intriguing stage design and costumes has me hooked. Disregard my inability to understand Polish and it delivers a trailer that is simply stunning (even if it does run for over 2 minutes).

5. Theatro tou Neou Kosmou, Crave

I love Sarah Kane, and whilst this video for Theatro tou Neou Kosmou’s production of Crave may not have any words spoken, and may not give much information at all (which is generally a must for trailers), it does capture a quality of the play itself.


What videos have caught your eye over the last month? Leave a comment with a link to the video to let others see it.