Rounding up the best theatre videos from a month isn’t always easy. Trailers are top of the marketing departments must have for productions and their venues which means there are a lot to choose from. In this collection of videos for April the selection is more diverse and shows how some companies are keeping it simple for maximum impact. As always see the full list on A Younger Theatre’s YouTube Channel or see the February and March Top Theatre Videos post.

Theatre Videos

1. The Arches: Behaviour Festival 2013

Kicking off the April list comes this pulsating video from Glasgow venue The Arches for their Behaviour Festival. It’s not easy to compile all the shows into a video but they’ve achieved this with a bit of guts. The music, montage of videos and text make for a electric trailer that gives the quality of the Behaviour Festival a visual identity  It’s not often a video makes you want to jump on a train to experience a festival, The Arches have done well.


2. Theatre of the Damned: The Ghost Hunter

If The Arches showed that a video could be pulsing, Theatre of the Damned show that sometimes a video needs a good piece of music and some trippy visuals to get the creative juices pumping. In this 1 minute video we learn very little about the production of The Ghost Hunter, but boy does it make us want to dance. Retro meeting old school.


3. Sadler’s Wells: Some Like It Hip Hop

You’d expect that an organisation like Sadler’s Wells would produce some slick dance videos, but as they prove in their Some Like It Hip Hop – It’s a Man’s World video a held hand camera and some filming across London can create an amusing video. What makes this video enjoyable is the sudden dancing that erupts from the two unlikely characters, with everyday people looking bemused on tubes and bridges across London. Amusing but effective.


4. Punchdrunk: The Drowned Man

This video for Punchdrunk’s newest production The Drowned Man should come with a warning: if you have epilepsy avoid, if you have a theatre obsession, equally avoid. So mysterious are Punchdrunk’s shows that you could spend hours attempting to look for clues in this trailer. Engrossing and mysterious in equal measures this trailer messes with your head a little.

5. Middle Child: Saturday Night & Sunday Morning

This video from theatre company Middle Child has been included because it shows how if you’re not careful a video can easily go from good to bad. Starting with good shots and interesting dynamics of a character living it large at the weekend in a run down pub, the video finishes with 38 seconds of text. 35 seconds? Dear oh dear, far too much for the 1 minute visuals beforehand. Middle Child got it very nearly right, but relied upon their text captions too much.