Here is double roundup of the top theatre videos from February and March. You can also see all the videos on our YouTube playlist on the A Younger Theatre Youtube Channel where you’ll also find some exclusive videos from The Book of Mormon creators.

Theatre Videos

1. The Royal Shakespeare Company: Hamlet Video Trailer

At just 36 seconds long this video for David Farr’s Hamlet by the Royal Shakespeare Company is intense. Directed by Farr himself and produced by Dust House (who are becoming a regular feature in these video round ups), the focus of the trailer is the setting of a fencing tournament. It’s simplistic in presentation, but very effective as a short trailer, including some slightly Star Wars inspired text for the show title (or is that just us?).

2. West Yorkshire Playhouse: Doctor Faustus

The West Yorkshire Playhouse and Citizen Theatre have created a creepy video trailer for their joint production of Doctor Faustus. With clown-like features you might mistake this video for The Joker in Batman. What menacing face paint. A recurring theme in this roundup of videos is slow motion which features in this trailer. Is it overused? Perhaps. But does it work? Oh yes.


3. The Unicorn Theatre: 1001 Nights

This trailer for the Unicorn Theatre’s production of 1001 Nights in association with Transport is full of mesmerising images and beauty, but it also has some faults. The voiceover and music is unquestionably good, taking you into the world of the play and when the footage shows more visual elements (the sheet blowing up for example) I tingle with joy. Some of the footage is weaker, scenes from the play playing against the narration don’t quite work, but otherwise what a wonderful video.


4. The Royal Court Theatre and Fuel: The Victorian in the Wall

How important is narrative in a video trailer for a show? In the case of The Royal Court and Fuel’s The Victorian in the Wall the narrative of the play, cleverly delivered by an actor in character, is central to the video. It’s funny and features three men singing with a piano (what’s not to love?) with some amusing lyrics about knocking down a wall. It also throws into question the purpose of video trailers and the limitations of theatre. Can you always show everything you want to in a video? One of the cast is missing so they pop a photo of her in the corner of the video, it’s cheap, but funny.



5. English National Ballet: Branding relaunching

The English National Ballet have a new artistic leader and a fresh and edgy new brand thanks to the folk at Brand New Meme. Launching the new brand came with a collaboration with fashion extraordinaire Vivienne Westwood. Talk about bringing ballet into the contemporary world. Despite being uploaded in January, we just can’t get enough of this behind the scenes look at the photo shoot with Westwood and some of ENB’s principle dancers. It’s gorgeous.



6. Bryony Kimmings: The Fanny Song

Warning: This video contains strong language and comedy related to the female genitalia and some readers may find it slightly offence and utterly hilarious. You have been suitably warned!

How many different words are there for the bits and pieces down below on our female readers? Quite a few according to Bryony Kimmings with her new song The Fanny Song. Featuring participants, vaginas and some brilliant descriptions, this video may not be for everyone, but it certainly shows that sometimes we don’t have to be serious. With 15,000 views in less than a month, I think it’s safe to say Kimmings has a hit!


7. National Theatre: NT Future – Transforming the National Theatre

When you watch this video from the National Theatre on how they’re shaping the future of the building, with new facilities and open access to audiences I challenge you not to feel a little bit excited or moved. Using footage from well known productions, with a brilliant voice over and artworks from the new developments; it feels inspiring. Which is almost what the National Theatre want you to feel, that and empowered to invest in their future which will surely be our future too.

8. Pants On Fire: Theatrical Advertising Space

From funding the National Theatre to getting a unique advertising slot in a theatre company’s production, this video from Pants On Fire is intriguing to say the least. We’re featuring this video, not for the content but rather the idea behind the video creation. Pants On Fire are offering a business the chance to have their own advert, devised by the company, inserted into their next show as an ad break. Using the companies talent of music, physical theatre, puppetry and fun they want businesses to invest in their show and receive a live advert mid-performance. It’s a neat idea, will it work? Who knows.

What are your highlights of videos the past few months? Leave a comment and make sure you look at the other videos featured in our round up of Best Theatre Videos from December.