Theatre Trailers
In November we introduced the Top 5 Theatre Trailers of the month, but for December we’re opening this out beyond trailers into the widespread area of general theatre related videos. So whether you’re interested in discussing why theatre still matters with Tony Kushner, seeing the trailer for the Royal Opera House’s Live Streaming Day or just want to sing along to Shrek The Musical’s video remake of Rockin’ Around The Tree, here is a taster of the best theatre videos of December. Enjoy!


Does Theatre Still Matter?
– Tony Kushner on the need for theatre by Thnkr

AYT Says: Pultizer Prize-winner Tony Kushner talks about the need for theatre, the illusions it creates and the connections between audience and actors. Filmed by Thnkr who specialise in thought-provoking videos to inspire the mind, Does Theatre Still Matter? comes as part of their Epiphany series. Kushner is a fantastic writer and it’s great to see him engaged so passionately about the power of theatre.


Shrek: The Musical
– Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

AYT Says: Now technically this video was uploaded in November, but given its Christmas nature, we can’t help but to include it in our roundup of December videos. Filmed with the cast of Shrek The Musical as they sing Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, this video is fun but it is also raising money for Centrepoint’s Christmas Appeal. It’s good to see the cast in their characters up close, some of the costumes and makeup are fantastic.


In The Republic of Happiness
– Theatre trailer by the Royal Court Theatre

AYT Says: We love a bit of Martin Crimp at AYT, which is why we’ve been looking forward to his newest play In The Republic of Happiness playing at the Royal Court Theatre. (We have a ticket offer here too, if you want to see it). What we like about this trailer is how unhinged it is, all that fake smiling and lip synching. “What a load of shit” as they say. It’s a good thing they’ve got video makers Dust House on the case for a good trailer.


Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges Trailer
– by Y Touring Theatre Company

AYT Says: Sometimes it’s the simple videos that make for the most compelling to watch. This video trailer for a new piece of writing has intrigued us at AYT, with its dystopian animation and whimsical voiceover. Y Touring Theatre Company are keen to engage their audiences in debates around scientific research. We particularly like the game-like nature of the animation with the voiceover – what an intriguing text. Watch out for the show on tour in 2013.


Royal Opera House Live
– by the Royal Opera House

AYT Says: We feel like we’re cheating a little by including this video, but we’re big fans of the Royal Opera House Live. Earlier in 2012 ROH threw open their doors to the public through a day of live streaming. It was fascinating, and whilst this video doesn’t quite relay how revealing live streaming from behind the scenes can be, it does show enthusiasm from Rolando Villazón. The day will be live streamed across The Space, the Guardian and on the Royal Opera House website. Don’t miss it. 7th January 2013, from 10.30am GMT.


So there you have it. December theatre videos wrapped up for you. Although here is a great article by Howard Sherman on theatre trailers which is worth a read.