Trailers for theatre shows are becoming important tools for arts marketers. Here is a roundup of the five best trailers that we’ve found for November – from the dramatic and highly-produced, to the simple and pure. There’s still some uncertainty about the value of theatre trailers but we find these particularly eye catching. What are your thoughts on trailers for theatre shows?


Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) by 1927
A Komische Oper Berlin and 1927 co-production

AYT Says: When 1927’s audience-wowing production of The Animals and Children Took to the Streets continued on a world tour and was programmed at the National Theatre for two years in a row, we all knew that 1927 was going to change the theatre world. The company is back, this time with a German version of The Magic Flute, and while us UK audiences will have to wait to see it (there are no touring plans yet) this trailer shows that once again 1927 has produced theatre and animation magic. It may not be the best quality video but that animation is breathtaking. Find out more about 1927 here. The Magic Flute is playing in Berlin now and next year.


Mydidae by Drywrite
The new play by BAFTA-award winning writer Jack Thorne at Soho Theatre

AYT Says: We love the intimacy of this trailer, and the camera work. Dan Pick has done a great job on this, using different depths of fields and camera angles to create a touching video. Some people might say that it doesn’t tell you much about the play itself, but we don’t mind that. It’s tender and there is some great music. You can see more of Dan’s video work here. Oh and Mydidae is on at Soho Theatre.


Boris Godunov by Royal Shakespeare Company
Michael Boyd directs a Russian adaptation

AYT Says: Holy smokes this is a dramatic theatre trailer! You could mistake it for a cinema trailer. It’s brilliant: dark, moody and electric – just listen to the sound design. Does it make us want to see the show? Hell yes. It’s on in the Swan Theatre in Stratford by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Read more about the show here.


The Wind in the Willows by Royal Opera House
A theatrical adaptation for the stage

AYT Says: Fun and stylish – and it made us smile. Royal Opera House delivers a swish video trailer for the up-and-coming production of The Wind in the Willows. We particularly like the attention to detail, but will the video reflect the way the production is staged? That’s a question to ask. Details of the show are here.


She Stoops To Conquer by London Contemporary Theatre
A short but sweet trailer

AYT Says: 27 seconds long, with catchy music, and behind-the-scenes footage of the show, this video is simple but effective. There’s no drama, no big special effects, just some filming, some music and the basic details. Simple. Sadly the show has passed but here are some other shows from South Hill Park.


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