Here’s a ticket offer for you. Why not make it your first show of 2014? Enjoy.


A Fairytale Festival… without the ‘happily ever after’

14th to 18th January at The Space
and 28th January to 1st February at The Hen & Chickens Theatre

RETOLD presents darkly comic, thought-provoking, contemporary renditions of three traditional fairytales (aimed at an adult audience).

As if by a Stair by Amy Bethan Evans, directed by Tessa Hart

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your never-ending list of qualifications and work experience so that I may find it useful to me and rescue you from your childhood bedroom. That’s if I don’t go to one of the thousands of other maidens in your situation first. You get the picture.

The Snow White Complex by Tilly Lunken, directed by Kuba Drewa

Outside a cinema Rose, Sophie and Lilly wait for the next screening of Snow White. It’s not for a while; they are far too old for this really, and yet here they still are, by the door, clinging onto the twisted dregs of a fairytale.

Little Red Hoodie by Claire Booker, directed by Bradley Leech & Rebecca Hill

It’s dark, it stinks and it’s packed with victims. Can Hoodie, Gran and Aisha escape from the Wolf’s dark belly, or should they wait for the Woodcutter?


Claim the ticket offer:

To claim the ticket offer use the promo code AYT when booking online at The Space website.

Tickets are subject to availability and only available for 14 – 18 January at The Space.