The Boy at the Edge of the Room at the Pleasance Theatre in Islington has it all – puppetry, animation, live music – and we have an amazing ticket offer for you: see the show for just £6! A gothic fairy tale for adults, this show looks truly unique. See below for some more information about the production and then scroll down to see how to claim the offer.

The Boy at the Edge of the Room Pleasance Theatre

The Boy at the Edge of the Room
Written by Richard Conlon. Directed by Kirstie Davis.
9 – 12 April

The Boy at the Edge of the Room is a gothic fairy tale for adults which has been inspired by a Victorian story by Lucy Clifford entitled Wooden Tony.

The play focuses on a character who displays many of the classic traits of those on the autistic spectrum. Using puppetry, animation and live music Forest Forge bring this extraordinary story to life.

A boy called Tony struggles to fit in and find his place. He has a different way of looking at the world and longs to retreat to a place where he can be ’nothing more than small and far off’. Those surrounding him have little patience for his dreams, with the exception of his mother who will do anything to ensure his happiness. When a mysterious ‘dealer’ offers Tony the chance to make his dream come true, his mother must face a future without him, and the audience is forced to confront a shocking and haunting ending.

Claim the offer:
Tickets can be purchased for £6 (usual price £12.50) with the code “BOY – AYT”. To book, simply visit The Pleasance Box Office or call 0207 609 1800.