Our friends at artsdepot have given us a fantastic ticket offer for us to share with. You can see Lucy Foster and Improbable in association with Ovalhouse’s The Pirate Project for just £5. That’s a pirate of a fun deal for you. Read the marketing blurb below or skip to the end to find out how to claim your discounted ticket.

PiratesLucy Foster in co-production with Improbable, in association with Ovalhouse presents:

The Pirate Project
Friday 13 & Saturday 14 April 2012, 8pm

Ha Harrrr! artsdepot is proud to have supported The Pirate Project, alongside Arts Council England, and presents preview performances of this new production on Friday 13 & Saturday 14 April. An Improbable Associate Artist Project, this show questions what swashbuckling female pirates of the past would make of the aspirations of 21st century women.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, pirates like Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Ching Shih passed themselves off as men, disguised pregnancy at sea and even endured spells in Jamaican prisons to cut throats and steal booty for a living.  Here, three 21st century women set out on a quest to see if they can still out-think, out-sail and out-fight every man on the high seas. What would the code of conduct for a modern day pirate be? And do women want to become more gung-ho anyway?

Escapades of famous female pirates of the past are staged alongside intimate stories of personal bravery and derring-do from the performers’ own lives as The Pirate Project considers female identity and ambition today asking “do we just need to be more like pirates to succeed?”

As part of their research, the company filmed interviews with women whom they see as contemporary female “pirates”. Moments from these films will appear in the show.

The Pirate Project is performed by Lucinka Eisler, Chloé Déchery and Simone Kenyon, and directed by Lucy Foster. It is a co-production with Improbable with support from Ovalhouse, artsdepot and Arts Council England.

In the weeks prior to the performance, Lucy Foster, the cast and crew will be at artsdepot for a final period of rehearsals ahead of the preview performances.

The Pirate Project features an innovative set design by Philip Eddolls, who has previously created set designs for the Science Museum Live show and Treasure Island for Bristol Old Vic. The seemingly simple design will transform throughout the show into a pirate ship on the high seas.

For more information about the design of The Pirate Project, and other behind the scenes information, visit Improbable’s rehearsal blog  –http://improbablethepirateproject.blogspot.co.uk



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