The use of integrated BSL is quite a thing at the moment with Deafinitely Theatre’s take on Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis and SUMMIT a new play by Andy Smith. Lucky for you we have a ticket offer for the latter and its a bargain at only £10.

Skip the blurb to get the offer code and enjoy some cheap theatre on A Younger Theatre.

SUMMIT a new play by Andy Smith
Produced by Fuel

“We need to use our imagination. We need to imagine that change might be possible. That change is possible, however hard or impossible it might seem.” 

In a blend of languages, including fully integrated BSL, three performers tell a story from three perspectives. It is the story of an international meeting. A meeting at which something happened, and in that moment everything changed.

9-19 Oct
Shoreditch Town Hall

Claim the Ticket Offer

To get your hands on £10 tickets to SUMMIT at Shoreditch Town Hall quote SUMMITAYT for performances until Saturday 13th October. Subject to availablity. Book online on the Shoreditch Town Hall website.