My recent time in Bristol exploring the work during Mayfest got me wondering how creativity can be found and presented. During various conversations  the question of my own creativity, “Do you perform?”, left me unsure how to answer. My creativity has been put on hold so I can concentrate on other areas of work that will ultimately inform the next phase of my creative flare. A Younger Theatre is a form of my creativity, so why shouldn’t I explore some of my creative juices in a presentational format of my time at Mayfest?

You could of course read my reviews from the festival, but sometimes images speak louder than words. So here is an alternative photo album for my time at Mayfest. Oh, and don’t expect works of art!


1. Bristol: I Arrive

2. Flogging A Dead Horse

3. Mayfest Cafe – The Parlour

4. Tea and Ducks

5. Quoted

6. Save Me

7. Save Me. Save Me.

8. Save Me. Save Me. Save Me.

9. Save Me. Save Me. Save Me. Save Me.

10. Jake Orr is a Sex Idiot

… and there we have it. My experience, my photos, my Mayfest.