Episode 20 of AYT in Isolation is here and we’re delighted to be speaking to the Hull-based theatre company, The Roaring Girls. By eck.

Formed in 2014, The Roaring Girls use autobiographical narratives to create their work and talk about things that their audience can relate to. They believe that approaching big, sometimes taboo, subjects on a personal level, allows them to talk about these topics with their audiences. Their show, Beach Body Ready was scheduled to hit this year’s Vault Festival but has had to be postponed until Spring 2021.

Co-Artistic Directors, Rachael and Lizi, chat to Olivia Grant about the company’s strong, inspiring ethos: ‘be loud, unapologetic and honest; don’t be scared to actually say what you’re saying’; their frustration at having to postpone Beach Body Ready; getting emergency funding from Arts Council England and their dedication to looking after their audiences post-show.

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