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A new show taking audiences through some of the biggest questions in maths and philosophy is coming to the Science Museum this month. Don’t be scared by the subject matter, though: the show, X&Y, comes from some of the team behind Complicite’s astonishing A Disappearing Number and promises to be just as mind-bendingly good! Skip to the end of this article to get your hands on discounted £5 tickets.

In the show, Marcus du Sautoy (Professor of Mathematics at Oxford), and actress and mathematician Victoria Gould, ask intriguing questions such as: is the universe finite or infinite? Does it have an edge? What shape might it be? X&Y uses mathematics, humour and theatre to navigate the known and unknown reaches of our world. Through a series of surreal episodes, our protagonists, X and Y, take us through some of the biggest philosophical and scientific questions – questions that have puzzled and intrigued human beings for decades.

Directed by Dermot Keaney, X&Y stars renowned mathematician, author and TV presenter Marcus du Sautoy alongside Complicite actress and mathematician Victoria Gould, as algebraic variables X and Y. Marcus and Victoria met while working on Complicite’s multi award-winning play about mathematics, A Disappearing Number. X&Y has developed from that collaboration and pursues many of the questions at the heart of A Disappearing Number. The show is based on an idea developed with Complicite.

X and Y are trapped in a universe they don’t understand, and confronted for the first time with another human being. They beging to question where the universe came from? Does time have an end? Is there something on the “other side”?

Professor Marcus du Sautoy says, “Science is full of great stories, and this show creates an accessible and playful way to explore them. X&Y uses human relationships to unwrap the language of mathematics and is aimed at anyone who has looked at the night sky and wondered if it goes on forever.”

“We are delighted to be producing such an engaging show, which merges poetry and numbers together on stage,” explained Sam Mason, Commercial Director of the Science Museum. “We’re also pleased that X&Y will move to the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester once it finishes the run at the Science Museum, appearing from 30 October – 3 November.”

X&Y continues to build on the success and range of live-science theatrical shows at the Science Museum. A brand new show about maths and science, at one of the greatest museums in the country. Sounds like an event not to be missed.

You can watch a video of X&Y below:

X&Y is playing at the Science Museum between 10 – 15 October. For more information and tickets, see the Science Museum website.

TICKET OFFER: Call 020 7942 4000 and quote MATHS to get £5 ticketsStudent tickets are £10 and can be claimed with a valid Student ID. This is a sponsored feature.