Throughout the Sampled Festival at the Junction Theatre, Cambridge, Antonio will be giving his responses to the work that he sees in this blog. Be sure to find out what he is up to by following this blog page or by following the main live blog.

Day Two – 19.54

As I travel on the third train of the day, my thoughts turn back to the two days of exceptional theatre that I have had the privilege to see and participate in.

Sampled Festival was very much about its audience. Their thoughts and participation were key to the weekend. It was great to see and discuss with the audience their views and experiences over the past two days. I’d like to take a moment to thank A Younger Theatre for this amazing opportunity to get involved and to blog all about the event.

Scratch theatre for me is a great way to experience, and at times have your own input, into a particular piece; it’s important to remember that what we have seen might have completely changed in two months time. So grab this rare moment whilst you can!

The pieces ranged from the obscure to the simple and this really allowed me to experience the broad spectrum that theatre covers in today’s society. If I’ve learnt anything over the past two days it’s that theatre is still a strong and constantly evolving entity, breaking boundaries and it is still hard-hitting.

For me Sampled Festival was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which ignited not only the blogger within but also my own creative imagination, and it’s on that note that I leave you. It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions from laughing to tears but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Day Two – 15.59

A late arrival to the Sampled Festival has not discouraged me as already I’ve been able to see Tom Marshman’s LEGS 11, an interesting story about one man’s progression through life and his experiences with varicose veins, an issue that affects many people. Light-hearted and genuine, LEGS 11 is an easy-going production that engages its audience by allowing them to interact. Interesting use of props and projection made for a immersive intimate experience.


As the first day of Sampled Festival ends for me, I sit going over the fantastic pieces of theatre that I have had the opportunity to watch. It’s also been a great pleasure to be able to discuss the pieces with their creators and find out how the pieces came into being.

In their own way, each piece has managed to ignite my imagination and has made me think about that rather open-ended question, ‘What is contemporary theatre?’

If you can get down to the second day of Sampled Festival then I suggest you do because if it’s going to be anything like today then it’s going to be amazing!

An interesting talk with Andy Field left me down because unfortunately I will have to miss his shows, but after seeing part one of his ZILLA I can just tell it’s going to be a corker!

Pop down tomorrow and you never know, I might be asking you some questions about how you have reacted the the pieces!


The Oh Fuck Moment by Chris Thorpe and Hannah Jane Walker is a fascinating piece which makes us question our own mistakes and responses to that “Oh Fuck” moment that we have all had when something goes wrong. It’s an intimate piece that takes you on a emotional roller-coaster of comedy, sadness and horror, as we encounter a mix of stories perfomered by both poet and actor. The piece gets its audience involved by allowing us to put our hands up and to contribute by admitting to a mistake or error in judgement that we have made and not to worry about the repercussions of saying them out loud.

It’s a hard piece to talk about without spoiling the experience. But do go check out the informal behind the scenes interview with me, Chris and Hannah.


Theatre is a constantly growing entity where the lines are constantly being blurred. A common question that regularly enters my mind is ‘what constitutes theatre?’

Two particular pieces of ‘theatre’ have once again brought this question to the foreground of my mind. These are Hunt & Darton’s cafe, situated within the foyer and in the theatre space itself, and ZILLA, a installation piece which leaves you with a chilly after feeling.