Welcome to the very first A Younger Theatre roundtable. As we’re still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, it is unfortunately not in person but we’re confident that the power of this conversation will not be lost.

Three members of the AYT team, including Director, Sam and their friend Lou, talk honestly about the trials and tribulations they have faced both before and during Coronavirus as front of house workers (ushers, bar people etc) at major theatres in the UK.

They chat about:

– Casual contracts and whether the pros really outweigh the cons – The disappearing flexibility of front of house jobs

– Who can be blamed for the lack of communication they and many others have faced from their workplaces whilst being furloughed: their managers, those at the ‘top’ or the government?

– The matter of being ‘disposable’ and whether they have felt respected in their roles

– What it really means to be working class

– Being reminded of their worth

Watch the video here and please get in touch if you would like to talk further with us about anything mentioned in this video and if you feel you need support, please consider contacting the Theatrical Guild (https://ttg.org.uk/) or BECTU (https://bectu.org.uk/)

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