Monday 4 April


At our final Monday night session, the fact that we are performing soon finally hit home. The pasta we were eating, it seemed, was our Last Supper.

But despite the apprehension about the end of our now-traditional Monday night rehearsals, the atmosphere was more creative than ever.

In the session, we explored Rory’s experience of being caught in the tsunami. Recreating his struggle had a big emotional and physical effect on us all, and out of this came some really surprising material that contained amazing individual performances and seamless communication between the ensemble. As the piece took shape, it began to feel as though it had an unstoppable life of its own!

After two years of working together, I’m often amazed by the bond that’s grown between us as performers, without us really noticing. We’ve learned to be constantly aware of one another as we improvise, and have become a true ensemble, connected as one: We are the Fat Girl.

This week you can see more content from the Fat Girl Get’s cast in their video about ‘process’ of theatre: