Monday 21st March 2011

Today we started off experimenting with different bits of costume – shoes, dresses, shorts, hair… This really opened our minds and got us thinking about how important the costumes are in creating the effect we want to achieve. The costumes that we were trying on responded to the set; their uniform colours made us all equal in status, but the designs incorporated other aspects to reflect our individual personalities.

Dress-up time over, we split into three groups and were tasked with making a pig’s head using only paper, masking tape and scissors. This was a lot of fun to do and definitely brought out our creative sides! The final products looked simultaneously beautiful and frightening, but gave us a real insight into the show’s visual aesthetic. We have created our own animals, established the colour scheme of our costumes, and now we are really beginning to thread the show together. On thing’s for sure – it’s going to look absolutely mesmerising.


Wednesday 23rd March

With just over a month left to cram in all our creativity and imagination, we’ve been using just the bare necessities to help construct a basis for the Fat Girl costumes.

The opportunity to work on all aspects of the production is the best thing about being involved in The Fat Girl Gets a Haircut. We don’t just get a say in how it is performed, but have been made a part of everything. As a result, the costumes, animations and even lighting carry a part of the cast’s personalities, making this production totally unique.

But we have also found that there’s something universal about our stories – what we do and what we see is something that everyone can relate to, so that this intimate production has become something bigger. And that’s the most exciting part of all!


The Fat Girl Gets a Haircut and Other Stories
is an original work created by artist Mark Storor in collaboration with a cast of young actors. You can also follow the action on Twitter (
#fatgirlgets) and find exclusive content on the Facebook Fan page.