Review: To Me, That's What Love Is, The Space Online and Morosophy Theatre Company
4.0Overall Score

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What is love? That is the question that Morosophy Theatre Company is trying to answer with To Me, That’s What Love Is. The show is made up of a number of monologues cut together to reflect on the most essential moments of love: Why, I Am Engulfed, and The World Thunderstruck – Three phases that try to understand how love comes to exist.

To Me, That’s What Love Is is told by six people who are all finding themselves in different places in their relationship with love. Isha Khaira describes herself as a nihilist, she is above love, she does not need it (or anybody else), but that does not mean she would not like to love. Becky Hinde’s love is different; she speaks about the love she has for her mother and her mother has for her. Dillon Berry speaks about the loss of love in his life, Mohamed Manso Bangura’s story is about the quick, fleeting love you can have for a stranger, and Cordelia Tarbooke’s is about the moment of finding love. After losing a love, Aaron Barrow talks about the love he has found for himself and maybe, one day, he will be ready to love again.

The monologues are spoken in verse and cut together in a clever way that makes me invested and intrigued by the characters’ experiences, I can’t help but get attached to all of these little love stories. Each monologue is filmed in front of a plain, light background with only the performer speaking to the camera and us as an audience. Little symbols or written words highlight the important moments and visualise the emotions and experiences that the characters have.

To Me, That’s What Love Is has been co-written by Hinde, Tarbrooke and Joshua Thomas, and produced by Martha Adnams to be shown as part of Online@TheSpaceUK Season 2. It is a beautiful example of meaningful and poetic work put together by young artists, and shows that everybody has their own love story.

This show is a heartfelt project that makes you reflect on what love means to you and stretches your perception of what love means. Who are the people you love, and what happens when you lose them? Especially during these times, it is important to value what we have and the people we know who are important to us. This piece is optimistic in its take on love because, as Tarbooke points out: “Half the people you’re gonna meet in this lifetime you’ve still not met yet”.

To Me, That’s What Love Is is playing online until 31 January 2021. For more information and tickets visit The Space’s Website