The Secret Life of You and MeHaving a ‘round’ birthday is terrifying – it marks a new era, a new part of your life and forces you to reflect on things past. Turning 10, you are suddenly approaching the chaotic teens; 20 is the beginning of your roaring twenties with parties, love and career life; and then there’s 30, the number a lot of women fear as it indicates our life as a single woman is over, the biological clock is ticking and a very grown-up to-dolist with marriage, kids, a dog and car is waiting for us.

Or is it?

When Lowri Evans turned 30, she didn’t know what kind of person she would be – would the new era mean a different version of herself? – and she realised she wasn’t quite sure what prints she had left behind in her life either. So she decided to make a show instead of throwing a party.

The Secret Life of You and Me is part live performance, part art installation. Having worked with people with dementia, Lowri Evans discovered that what they had to show for their lives was disappearing. The Secret Life of You and Me is her live scrapbook: a way of making a small mark and honouring the memories living in our brains. The show celebrates the milestones of the lives of Lowri, us and of strangers. Using different art forms, she shows how memories are triggered differently – a drawing, a photo, or someone’s handwriting can take us back to what otherwise would be lost, and through reliving our past, in small and big memories, we understand ourselves better – or hope to.

Lowri Evans is a great story-teller: funny and quirky, with a talent for connecting with her audience and befriending all of us with a single smile. Like Amélie, her quirks function like a zoom lens: we are drawn to her and her liberating and sensitive honesty, and we find ourselves creating with her as the live scrapbook reveals itself, matching her memories with ours. The art installation supports her beautifully and in particular her small pots of lit, glittery water hanging on strings remind us of the magic and delicacy of memories, and how we should treasure them.

The Secret Life of You and Me is an encouraging show about life, love and everything in between. Produced by The Future, Lowri’s one-woman show is a treat for all the senses: something very exposed and delicate that we happen to be part of. It’s a special invitation into the texture and abstractness of memories, and is an exciting, bubbling potion perfect for sharing with a special someone. 

The Secret Life of You and Me is playing at Ovalhouse Theatre until 15 February. For more information and tickets, see the Ovalhouse Theatre website.