If you want to see a show that will make your jaw hit the floor, then Race Horse Company’s Super Sunday, currently playing at the Roundhouse, will do just that. Set in a surreal amusement park and executed by a company of mind-blowingly skilled performers, Super Sunday is edge of your seat stuff.

From its beginning, Super Sunday establishes itself as a playful, irreverent piece of circus: pure entertainment. It’s full of joyful moments, where the audience can simply revel in the sheer skill of these performers doing everything from break dancing, to flipping nunchucks, to using a Swiss ball in ways you’ve never seen before – or even imagined. If you’ve ever had a carefree bounce on a trampoline as a child, Race Horse Company shows you just how crazy things can get with a few flips and some death-defying, brazen courage.

There are moments of pure hilarity woven in with stunts so terrifying you’re not sure whether to laugh or fear for their lives, making the show a real emotional rollercoaster, but nonetheless addictive watching.

As the night goes on, the audience is taken from height to height as the stunts increase in danger and pure originality until we’re faced with the cherry on the cake: the wheel of death (as they call it), which makes you even wonder whether what you’re seeing is real or if the beer at the Roundhouse is laced with some kind of hallucinogenic.

If there was one criticism that could be levelled at Super Sunday, it would be that the seventy minutes it runs at, for being so fun and so entertaining, the show flies by too fast. It was genuinely upsetting that it had to end at all. This is a show for everyone, those who love circus or who are just looking for a great night out. If you have any joy in your life at all, go and see this show.


Super Sunday is playing at the Roundhouse until Saturday 16 April. For more information and tickets, see the Roundhouse website.


Photo: David Levene