Review: Remembering the Oscars, TEG|MJR
5.0Overall Score

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This production is why we must ‘Save the Arts.’ It is impossible for anyone to sit through this entire performance and remain unchanged. When I think of the Oscars I envision glitz and glamour, recognisable faces gleaming with excitement and the inevitable anticipation in the air. I reminisce about the classics: The Wizard of OzDirty DancingThe Lion King, which were crafted long before my parents had met. Despite this, I am still familiar with these films thanks to the outstanding actors who helped make them timeless. 

The show is hosted by and stars Strictly Come Dancing professionals Aljaž Škorjanec and Janette Manrara, whose performances bring all the glamour and star quality that this production deserves. Oscar winning songs and hits from the musicals are performed by some of the UK’s best dancers and singers. Whether you are fond of the classics or find yourself drawn to modern screenings, this performance helps you to appreciate the effort behind brilliant work.   

Remembering the Oscars travels through time to see how our perception of the world of cinema and stage has evolved, with the routines moving with society’s evolution. Directed and choreographed by Gareth Walker, the musical routines reinvigorate the productions that they honour and help make the hour one of reminiscence and invigorating entertainment.  

All the steps appear effortless. I am in awe at the choreography from start to finish, for I can only imagine the gruelling hours of hard work and determination embodied in these pieces. In this performance, past the resilience, raw talent and risks, I see pride. Despite the inexplainable challenges of the past year, these creatives are making such outstanding performances, there is no doubt that the ensemble on stage are proud of their performance. 

A moment that stands out in the show is ‘The Lion King’ – I do not necessarily require another reminder that I have still not seen this masterpiece on the West End. The cast are unbelievable and the extent to which puppetry and movement can be manipulated is beyond my understanding and a reminder of the insane talent of the performers.

Remembering the Oscars is a celebration honouring the creatives in the arts who nourish our minds and souls. This production highlights the brilliance we are capable of when we use our imagination, and anyone who watches will be left speechless at the magic that has come before and the talent that is still to come. 

Remembering the Oscars is playing online. For more information and tickets see Remembering the Oscars website.