Review: National Dance Company Wales, Open Air performance
5.0Overall Score
Listen to the audio version here.

National Dance Company Wales’ new open-air performance, consisting of Why are people Clapping? and Moving is everywhere, forever, is both euphoric and bizarre. The upbeat soundtracks, location, and vibrant clothing make these shows truly memorable.

We begin with Moving is everywhere, forever, which is an ode to movement and dance. Entering onto a rugby pitch under the Welsh sun, dancers gather in eclectic clothing and begin their euphoric movement. I am instantly engaged. Each dancer has their own style, and the freedom and joy in this show is palpable. This show invites the audience to embrace dance in all its glory. It doesn’t matter if it is messy, odd, or confusing, which I think is an idea that can be transferred into our lives in general.

What I love the most about Moving is everywhere, forever, is that each dancer is so uniquely individual and talented. The costume choices are well thought out in this performance. It feels like each dancer is truly able to express themselves at this moment, making the euphoria of this show even more prominent. It makes me want to feel this pure freedom and happiness. I want to get up, turn on some music, and dance along.

This was followed by Why are People Clapping? There is a slight shift from a super upbeat soundtrack in Moving is everywhere, forever, to a more stripped-back exploration of a capella clapping; however, this makes me lean in further to focus on what is happening. The clapping also becomes almost like ASMR or meditation, which adds a new pleasant layer to the performance in general.

Why are People Clapping? is like stepping inside someone’s imagination. National Dance Company Wales looks at mundane situations and everyday occurrences, such as clapping or watching a tennis match, and finds the music and movement within them. This show invites us to embrace the smaller things, and to find magic in everyday situations. As in Moving is everywhere, forever, this show expresses the pure euphoria of movement. We are encouraged to look and find space for movement and imagination within the mundane, which I think is an important message in an age where imagination can easily get lost in the chaos of life. This show is also laced with comedic aspects such as close-up facial movements, which keeps it light and engaging whilst remaining relatable.

If I were to sum up this performance, I would use four words; Expression, Freedom, Imagination, and Euphoria. This is a performance I won’t be forgetting for a while, not only for its creativity but for the feeling it leaves with me. If you are looking for a fun, feel-good show, this is the one. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

NDCW Open Air Perfomance is available online until Sunday 29th August 2021. For more information and to book tickets, visit the NDCW website.