Review: Manor of Lies, Morpheus
4.0Overall Score

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Sweep the dust off your frock and take your top hat out of the closet for Morpheus’ new immersive adventure Manor of Lies. A murder mystery game developed during lockdown gives every hobby detective the chance to put their skills to the test. But Morpheus’ escape games are not like any other as they are played blindfolded.

The gamemaster greets me and three strangers in our private Zoom chat as we start our murder mystery adventure. We exchange formalities and are quickly asked to cover our eyes with our blindfold (or scarf, or whatever you happen to have in the house). The game is solely played by listening and speaking. Everything we need to know is told and every action we decide to make will have consequences. The game begins upon the game master’s announcement and with that, the storyline commences in our minds.

Our dear friend Lord Dante Rochester has invited us to Darcy Manor for a social gathering. Clothed in our finest gowns and tails we meet him in the library upon our arrival. He has something important to tell us, a mission to send us on. But before he can let us in on the whole story of blackmail and betrayal, he is poisoned by the wine in his own glass. It is up to us to find the murderer and expose them before time runs out.

Manor of Lies is a clever immersive mystery that takes you into the world of lies and deceit like no other. As we manoeuvre through the manor we dive deeper into the mystery. The voice actors portraying the characters we meet are aware of our discoveries and knowledge and can adapt their performance accordingly – essential for any great immersive show. Because we cannot see anything, and the experience is happening in our own heads, it is an engaging activity that requires a lot of thinking and problem-solving.

As guests in the house, we can roam around freely and inspect everything and so it is no surprise that time quickly catches up. The array of options can be a bit daunting and the more people you play with, the more difficult it becomes to solve the murder in time. Luckily, the game master is fully aware of that and knows when and how to steer you in the right direction.

Manor of Lies is a thoroughly entertaining immersive murder mystery that can be played with friends, family, or strangers and lasts two hours. It does require a lot of imagining and close listening to solve the mystery but does not have any problems drawing you into Dante’s world of deception.

Manor of Lies is playing online until 30 April 2021. For more information and tickets visit Morpheus online.