To be wholly honest with you, I’m not sure why I was expecting a show called Loo Roll to be about anything but loo roll. The comedy piece begins with Bond, or rather her alter ego, Pat, climbing out of a bin. She then proceeds to tell us the significance of the bin and why it is so dear to her. Having been abandoned in a bin as a child, she feels a certain connection to it. While her backstory was by far the most interesting thing about the show, Bond decided against focussing on it and instead spends her energies engaging with the audience to find her ‘family’.

From the bin, she removes articles of clothing and props that introduce us to another member of her family. The piece has a lot of physical comedy in and relies heavily on taking the mickey out of people from a working class background. Her crude depiction of what she imagined her father to be was just plain offensive. To paint him as a working class bin man who was stupid just felt like it was done for the gags. I have to applaud her enthusiasm and her ability to get people up stage dressed as various members of her family.

Amidst all of that, there was some storyline about her being a ‘Loo Roller’, similar to being a tarrot card reader, except the stories are read from toilet paper. Her mentor guided her through the process of being a fully fledged ‘Loo Roller’. It is as crazy as it seems. I kept wondering if this was the kind of show that had to be seen while drunk. But at 5.45 in the early evening, I just wasn’t laughing. A couple of her jokes were intelligent and played on words, however her style of delivery, and her reliance on physicality, let her down.

Bond’s ability to make props out of loo roll, and link stories together was what saved her. We all wanted to know how and why she ended up a bin, and though this was left unresolved, I left somewhat satisfied that she had found her family (from the audience). It is clear that Bond has skill and the ability to be comical, it just didn’t work in this show.

The show was silly for the sake of silly and the audience seemed to be enjoying themselves. Like I said, maybe this was a show you had to see while a little tipsy. As Bond’s character said, Loo roll is used by Beyonce and the Pope” but “mainly it’s used for poo”.

Kat Bond: Loo Roll played at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.