Sumptuous, salacious and utterly stupendous! Leave the kids at home, dodge your prudish boyfriend and don’t invite Nana, because Club Briefs promises a raunchy night of high class cabaret, circus and comedy which revels in the complex beauty of individuality. It’s also dosed in a heavy layer of sex – what’s not to love?

Ok, so the more buttoned up among you may not enjoy this show, and it is not without its flaws. The aforementioned sexual dosage can be a little overpowering at times. Like a waft of Lynx Africa with about the same level of desperation, this show is unashamedly sex positive – and I love that. Yet, it is, at times, like watching a normal circus but with even less clothes. Despite the overall message, the idea of it being a bit much does flit into your mind. It’s not distracting from the show, but is maybe a slight drawback?

Club Briefs’ greatest strength, however, is its extroadinary range of acts; from hilarious drag, to truly breathtaking acrobatic skill, to burlesque like you’ve never seen before (the real highlight). Their eclectic collection of fantastic human beings speaks to us about what it means to love oneself, and to appreciate the incredible range of life, skill and sexuality that exists within the strange little world of ours. Playing with racial and sexual stereotypes and gender norms, this collection of incredible ability corrupted by a naughty side, is a riotous night out with a heart-warming message hidden amongst the glitter.

Club Briefs is produced by Briefs Factory, an Australian collective that have been working on revolutionary punk performances for over ten years. It’s the confidence that only comes with these years of experience that allows them to pull the best of the best from each walk of life to create such a masterful production that brings a smile to its audience’s faces.

The perfect beginning to a night out, this show rattles at a pace you just wish would extend forever. Each act outdoes the last in a cacophony of sound and sass. Ending in a dance party where we get to rub shoulders with the talented performers, the whole vibe of the evening is fun, but not frivolous. There is method in the madness and the message of acceptance rings loud and true throughout the evening. For a night full of semi-naked unicorns, a shocking lap dance and skills beyond your wildest dreams –  go see Club Briefs!

Club Briefs is playing at the Leicester Square Spiegeltent until the 29 December. For more information and tickets, visit the Christmas at Leicester Square website.