With no two shows the same, Cirque du Cabaret, playing until 8 August at the London Wonderground, makes for a great night out for people of all tastes and interests. Performed in the round in the lavish Spiegeltent, the night offers talented international acts and a buzzing atmosphere. With a variety of performers there’s something for everyone here, with feats of strength that will blow your mind and slick moves that entertain and entice.

This is certainly a celebration of the unusual and the unique, with Cirque du Cabaret returning to the Wonderground for the third year running to offer audiences a smorgasbord of acts to feast their eyes upon. With a mix of music, acrobatics, burlesque and more the show has plenty to offer. Our compère for the evening is Champagne Charlie, guiding us through the various acts – or as he called them, the “cabarati glitterati” – for the evening. The first of these, Four Femmes on the Thames, got the show off to a great start thanks to their twists on classic and well-known songs, as well as their ode to London town, which went down a storm with audiences.

We were then treated to burlesque performer Sophia St. Villier, who brought class and style to the evening with her tightly choreographed and charismatic performance. This was rivalled by other fantastical acts such as Missy Fatale, whose performance used fire, glitter and water, which made you marvel at her flexibility and skills while adding a sense of risk to the evening. There were also acrobatics aplenty, such as Miss Empress Star’s work on the trapeze, which offered a rather surprising twist at the end.

While the acts were without a doubt at the top of their game, making for real jaw-dropping moments, the night as a whole felt somewhat brief. Only three acts into proceedings an interval was called, which felt somewhat like a thinly-veiled prompt for people to buy more expensive drinks. Indeed, the second half flew as well, with what felt like more time spent shuttling in and out of the venue (which seats approximately 600 but only has one entrance and one bar) than really absorbing the wonders of the cabaret world. With full price tickets at over £25, I did wonder if punters were really getting value for money.

Cirque du Cabaret certainly makes for a different kind of night out – it is particularly refreshing to be told to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, with the audience even encouraged to use their camera phones if they want, go to the bar, and generally have a good time. However, for those looking for real value for money (and fewer bad jokes) it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Cirque du Cabaret is playing at the London Wonderground until 8 August. For more information and tickets, see the London Wonderground website.