Catch Me is the London Premier of Flip Fabrique’s circus show Attrape Moi. Direct from Quebec, where the circus art is rife and celebrated, they are renowned for their flips, tricks, stunts, and most importantly, friendship.

Having been childhood friends for over ten years, this troop of six acrobats reunited, after years of successful solo careers, to create a fun and entertaining circus group that has now travelled internationally since its founding by performing member Bruno Gagnon in 2011.

Catch Me (Attrape Moi) is full of fun, and bursting with an extraordinary amount of energy. Their tricks vary from diablo to aerial ribbon work, and all culminate into the most fabulous trampoline sequence. It is mesmerising from start to finish and is filled with humour and charm.

The show is utterly unrefined from start to finish, though I do not mean that in a negative way; quite the contrary. It is raw and original, and really does feel like a group of friends playing acrobatics together on the streets. Imagine for a moment that STOMP combined with Cirque du Soleil and you’ll be somewhere in the right ball park.

Hugo Ouellet Côté is exquisite both in the ensemble and in his own solo aerial piece. He has an incredible ability to manoeuver his body in a way that exudes expression and emotion. His solo piece is sensationally moving, and clearly depicts the love and friendship he shares with his fellow performers.

The cast are exceptionally different in style and energy, which helps the spontaneity and dynamic of the piece. Founding member Bruno Gagnon is outrageously hyperactive throughout. He brings speed, madness, fun, and comedy to the show. He is the joker, the clown, and an exceptionally talented tumbler and juggler.

Camila Comin, our only female, is technically divine. Previously an Olympic gymnast and long-standing member of Cirque du Soleil, she brings a sense of refinement and elegance to an otherwise overtly masculine and power heavy feeling show. Chrisophe Hamel, Yann LeBlanc, and Jérémie Arsenault are the final three to our friendship group. Hugely talented in a number of disciplines they catch, throw, jump, and spin in a fantastic display of stunts that are all hugely impressive and awe inspiring to watch.

This show is 100% entertainment factor from start to finish. It is 70 minutes of pure delight. This company’s ability to shock, amuse, and enchant its audience is a rare gift and an absolute treat to witness. There is little to analyse in terms of plot, structure or politics. It is a simple circus show with no underlying meaning or even a strong storyline that weaves its way through the movement narrative, but that is the beauty of this show. It is simple.

You won’t walk away politically or otherwise changed from seeing Catch Me (Attrape Moi). But you will walk away with something that is debatably even more important; a huge, excitable smile and a warmed heart. In today’s climate, that is a beautiful and rare thing.

Catch Me (Attrape Moi) is playing at the Underbelly Festival at South Bank until 9 July.