London Wonderground’s residency is almost at a close. But to say they have left the best show for last might be a bit of an understatement. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the self professed “all male, all vaudeville, all trash” cabaret troupe Briefs.

You could call the cast of Briefs: A Second Coming seasonal pros now – it is the second time they are returning to London with the show, and they have gone worldwide. But as our wonderful host Shivannah points out, they know what they are doing, and have kept some of the old Briefs classics in with brand new routines that will blow your brain.

Our first performer, contortionist Tom Worrell, begins the show with a graceful start, his wonderful routine bringing a touch of the circus to the tent. But of course in true Wonderground fashion, it was not going to stay that PG for long, and some parts of the show just might take a tequila shot or ten to get over it.

But despite it’s decline into delightful disgrace, Briefs keeps close to its theatrical elements, mixing cabaret, circus and burlesque to create a delightful 70-minute show. From Dallas Dellaforce’s classic drag singalongs to Evil Hate Monkey’s bizarre banana-infused routines, it really takes you on a ride. They even have the younger 18+ audience members won over in the form of Louis Biggs, with his two performances earning the biggest hand fans of the night (and his dance performance was so reminiscent of Channing Tatum we were having Magic Mike flashbacks).

While everybody in Briefs: The Second Coming brings their own touch to the show, we could not help but be won over by Fez Fa’anana when he took to the stage. Also when Shivannah enters the room (and if nobody agrees they’re just –right hand up- “Jealousss”) or when Fez arrives in the best Victor/Victoria get-up to perform probably the best magic show we have seen in a long while. We could not think of anyone better to lead this troupe.

Briefs: A Second Coming comes to a close exactly how you would want it to, with a big dance number and a declaration of “Fuck Tony Abbott!” to get the audience on their feet. But not only is it the perfect end to a perfect show, but it is a perfect end to a great summer of theatre. If you have been a fan of the Fringes and festivals, Briefs: A Second Coming manages to mesh up the summer into a deliciously decadent seventy-minute show.

Briefs: The Second Coming is at London Wonderground until 28 September. For more information and tickets see the London Wonderground website.