What would you do if you had 12 minutes and 36 seconds left to live? This is exactly what the audience is asked when watching Woman Bomb by Croatian writer Ivana Sajko.

The play focuses on a female suicide bomber and her last moments on earth but instead of using one actress, three are used which sometimes gets slightly confusing. However, this cannot take away the fact that the three actresses (Laura Harling, Laura Pradelska and Nikki Squire) all deliver performances which draw you into their characters. The way they interact with each other and deliver their lines helps immerse you in the world they’re trying to portray.

The use of the studio space has to be applauded. The uneven brick flooring slowly disintegrates throughout the performance by the performers walking over it leaving a striking image. It has to be questioned, however, whether the projections add anything to the performance, if anything they distracts from the live action on stage. Displaying the names and ages of suicide bomber victims is also a nice touch; it puts the whole affair into perspective.

Although covering a topic not to everyone’s cup of tea Woman Bomb is definitely worth seeing. Political theatre should be seen more, whether you agree with it or not. You may not leave feeling entertained but you will very likely leave feeling informed. Woman Bomb is not used for propaganda and doesn’t feel preachy, it merely educates and provokes.

So that leaves one question, what would you do if you had 12 minutes and 36 seconds left to live?

Woman Bomb is playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre until 14th May. For further information and to book see the website here.