It’s incredibly hard to review an excerpt from a work in progress. It seems wrong to be critical of something that’s not quite finished, and not quite whole. However sometimes all you need to see is a glimmer of brilliance to be confident that when complete, a show will be fantastic: that’s exactly what Milk Presents gave its audience on Friday.

As part of the Roundhouse’s ‘Accidental Festival’, Milk Presents gave us a taste of its new Edinburgh show, Bluebeard. Describing it as a fairytale for adults, the show was certainly not short of magical surprises.

The story concerns a nobleman with a bad habit of murdering his wives, and his new wife who is trying to escape the same fate. It doesn’t sound like much of a joyful romp, but by using clever staging and imaginative songs this piece becomes impossible not to enjoy.

There are a host of inventive staging ideas to keep the audience amused. The idea of using a tandem bicycle to generate electricity for an alternative set of lights is delightful in its simplicity; lowering a shirt on a coat hanger from the ceiling to provide the partner for a duet is both original and symbolic.

Battling on despite a keyboard broken in the first scene and more than a few mishaps, the cast show professionalism for such young performers. If this show is only in development, I really can’t wait to see the finished article. With such early promise, it ought to be a belter.

For more information visit The finished show will be performed at the Udderbelly venue in Edinburgh throughout August.