A Chorus Line

An audition, 1975. The anonymous faces and beautiful dancing limbs quickly shape themselves into people. We watch them dance their hearts out for Zach, played by John Patridge, in the hopes of making it into the chorus of a new Broadway show. Patridge has a stern quality that only lifts very briefly during the show, after Paul’s monologue; Gary Wood’s Paul is sensitive and honest, and he delivers his speech immaculately. Patridge is mostly detached from the other characters onstage due to his aggressiveness, which makes this moment with Woods even more poignant.

The dancers make their way to the white line at the front of the stage. That and some mirrors are the only additions to the empty black chasm that is the stage. They hold up their headshots in front of their faces. A spotlight traces their expressions one by one as Zach tells them all what he is looking for. These are excellent visual choices that remind us how important a performer’s appearance is. The people behind these pictures are what Zach gradually unveils during the piece.

The characters are delightfully portrayed, cheeky and true to life. Leigh Zimmerman’s Sheila causes rapturous laughter with her casual attitude and flawless dancing. She owns every inch of stage.

Harry Francis’s Mark is gorgeous in his innocence and passion for his early career, and his costume is perfect for him and the period. In fact, all the costumes serve the actors very well. They are exquisitely tailored to each body and move flawlessly with the choreography.

The montages are moments that transport the action into a more surreal dimension. They become ghosts of dancers past, present and future as they fill the stage with their memories and hidden feelings. This magic is the result of stunning teamwork between the dancers, music, choreography and lighting.

Scarlett Strallen’s every heartbeat dances for us in her phenomenal performance of ‘The Music And The Mirror’. A current runs from her feet all the way up to her tumbling blonde curls that she lets loose. She becomes at one with her dreams, the stage and the music, and we follow her with each and every breath.

The dancers uphold the message that they are all special and want what they are passionate about. It is a masterpiece that encapsulates true love for the arts and the inner workings of us all.  It has made its stunning impact upon the public once more. Go get your ticket, now!