The programme for a performing and visual arts festival taking place across Norfolk and Norwich has launched.

The Norfolk and Norwich Festival celebrates performance, theatre, music, visual arts, literature and children’s events, and runs across East Anglia from the 13 to 29 May.

It takes place in multiple local venues and outdoor spaces and attracts over 75,000 people per year.

William Galinsky, Artistic Director of Norfolk and Norwich Festival said, “We have an amazing city, a paradise for the performing arts.

“We were very interested in commissions responding to a sense of space.

“We have international artists coming and responding to Norfolk and Norwich.

“The work is great fun that you couldn’t see the other 50 weeks of the year!”

The festival is dedicated to being accessible, with some ticket prices dropping as low as £7.50 for under 25s.

There are free events such as The Garden Party in Chapelfield Gardens which includes a fire breathing metal dragon and work from Les Infants Terribles.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival features seven original commissions and productions within its eclectic programme, and is a mix of external work and home-grown talent.

Hedley Swain, Area Director for the South East Arts Council England said: “The Art Council feels we have an incredibly strong relationship with this part of the world.

“The great thing about festivals is engaging with people. Norfolk and Norwich is one of the best.”

Norfolk and Norwich Festival has been an Arts Council England National Portfolio organisation since 2012.

Amanda Hulley, local blogger said: “There wasn’t a huge amount of arts, but in the last ten years it has grown. It will be nice for everyone to see what we see in a new light”.

Norfolk and Norwich Festival is the flagship arts festival for the East of England.

For those traveling up from London, the weekend of 21 -22 May has been a hot tip for a visit, with Galinsky warning, “If you come up from London for the festival you might never want to leave!”

Norfolk and Norwich Festival takes place 13-29 May 2016. For more information, click here.