Last week after months of campaigning, and holding our breaths, the spending review took place by our Government and in return the Arts have indeed been severed. What worried us most here at A Younger Theatre was the impact that this was going to have upon young people and the future of the arts. We have already outlined a number of ways in which young people have been affected during the first wave of cuts, and indeed we have felt the blow from last week with the loss of Creative Partnerships.

Thankfully there is some light in these dark times, with the launch of IdeasTap’s Edinburgh Ideas Fund which will be supporting theatre companies in a £30,000 funding initiative. Open to members of the IdeasTap community (you can easily set up an account here) theatre companies aged between 16 and 25 who aim to present work at the Edinburgh Festival 2011 can apply to win one of two £10,000 grants. (The remaining £10,000 will be used for supporting the companies at the festival and also for smaller grants next year).

Now in its second year, the IdeasTap Edinburgh Ideas Fund is no stranger to success at the fringe through their grants, last year seeing theatre company HideTide win a Fringe First for their show Lidless. What will 2011 bring for the Edinburgh Ideas Fund? Well, why not apply and find out.

Peter De Hann, the Chairman of IdeasTap has the following to say:

“The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a career defining festival and the Edinburgh Fund is a vital opportunity in these difficult times. We believe in investing in new talent, and as always we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is. Last year’s festival was a huge success for IdeasTap, and we’re hoping this year will be even bigger and better.”

With mentoring given for the fund winners, and the chance to show off your work at the largest arts festival in the world, the real question we ask here at A Younger Theatre is why aren’t you applying?

Hopefully IdeasTap will be able to show other organisations and charities that in these dark times, there has to be hope for the future of young people being nurtured and given the chances and funding to explore their work. After all, young theatre companies are the future theatre of our country, and it’s about time they are supported when they need it most.

You can find out more about the Edinburgh Ideas Fund by singing up for an account over at IdeasTap, and also join in the community dedicated to the creative talent of young people.