Image: James Perry

Staff at the oldest music hall in the world are appealing for people to come forward with their own unique memories about the building.

Wilton’s Music Hall in London has set up a ‘Memory Project’, to try and gather stories and experiences about the hall from across the years for their archive.

Halema Khutan, from Wilton’s Music Hall, said: “It’s thanks to some wonderful individuals that we know large sections of our building’s history.

“From breaking into Wilton’s with a milkman and discovering a room piled high with rags to living here in the 50s and remembering how the rooms were laid out as residential spaces, it’s thanks to people walking in off the street and sharing their stories that we can add colour to what we know.

“Sadly, some people have slipped through our fingers and time for many is now running out.

“That’s why this project is so essential.”

The hall are appealing for any memories from before 2004, and plan to interview people about their unique experiences.

The venue has been a music hall since 1853, and have been producing theatre there since 2004.

Wilton’s is currently under construction as part of their ‘Capital Project’, which is running until September.

The building work will allow them to re-open up spaces in the hall, which means they want to find out the hidden secrets of those newly refurbished part of the venue.

The memories gathered could also potentially become source material for a number of heritage projects planned in the future.

If you have a memory of Wilton’s Music Hall from before 2004, and you would like to share it, email, or click here for more information.