The Back End of Beyond: Aberystwyth

This week has been very tiring as I have relocated to a little Welsh coastal town some of you may know as Aberystwyth. Now, on a theatrical level, you may think that a move from somewhere with such a good reputation and a buzzing performance scene as Bristol, to a relatively ill-known place that is affectionately termed by a few as ‘the end of the world’, not quite what you would call good sense. So, as your weekly Gabbler, it’s fortunate that I will be able put you straight…

Having been in Aberystwyth for all of forty-eight hours, I have already been invited to no less than three performances. It is barely even 5pm on my first Saturday here and yet I have spent a sizable chunk of my day witnessing a titbit of explicit body performance and bloodletting (always a joy)! This evening, no doubt, I am in for more of the same. Note to self: eat dinner after the event this time.

A quick stroll to the Arts Centre attached to the university this afternoon has revealed a programme that has me chomping at the bit before I’ve even managed to unpack all my worldly possessions – I’ll give you a little taster of the treats I am in for:


Propeller Theatre

Pocket Dream

Propeller (an all male company associated with the Windmill Theatre) are back to present a sixty-minute version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which I managed to catch the full-size version of last year and it was so good I saw it no less than three times.


Magnetic North Theatre Company


A one-man adaptation of Walden by Magnetic North Theatre Company of which fellow English Literature geeks may recognise the title of the book by Henry David Thoreau.

The Mill

Ockham’s Razor

The Mill

Ockham’s Razor are presenting a piece entitled The Mill, which looks set to be exciting purely for the fact that that they are ‘a company that specialises in physical theatre on new pieces of aerial equipment’ – that’s hanging by a rope on various bits and bobs in the sky to you and I.

Das Rheingold

The New York Metropolitan Opera

Wagner’s Das Rheingold

The Arts Centre is also taking part in screenings with NT Live in addition to hosting twelve live screenings in their cinema from The New York Metropolitan Opera, which will be a fantastic chance for me to test out the genre, Bryn Terfel and Robert Lepage (Wagner’s Das Rheingold) for a fraction of the price with a complimentary glass of wine thrown into the bargain.

Brilliant – I may be in the middle of nowhere but everything I need is right here. This is set to be a good year and if I haven’t managed yet to convince you of the charms Aberystwyth has to offer, I extend an invitation for you all to come to visit and take a look for yourself.

If that’s whet your appetite, check out these links: