These ten handy hints will make enjoying the EdFringe as easy as collecting a flyer on the Royal Mile…

1. Listen to people’s advice
Everyone’s here to see great shows. Nobody will recommend anything they didn’t thoroughly enjoy and everybody relishes telling you if something they’ve seen is truly awful.

2. Don’t follow the crowd
Go off the beaten track. Find that show that no one else knows about. Every now and then you’ll discover a gem and you’ll feel like you’ve discovered the next star of Live at The Apollo/The National Theatre.

3. Make friends with everyone
There’s a real sense of community at the Fringe and the more people you “know” means the more last minute shows, parties and events you’ll hear about.

4. Carry a fake moustache
There’s nothing worse than rushing from one side of the city to the other. This difficulty is only compounded when the people you wish you’d never struck up conversation with the previous night spot you, wanting a chat. A cheap disguise is the perfect solution. Or just ignore point 3…

5. Pretend you know everyone
Nothing creates a greater impression than dropping names of acts/performers you’ve heard of. Equally, don’t let people think you’re out of the loop by not having heard of somebody. Something like, “Yeah, I saw them do a cabaret spot last year,” works a treat. But…

6. Keep it vague
Never go over board! Everyone knows everyone and before you know it you’ll be telling a performer about your favourite bit of their show you haven’t seen.

7. Carry an umbrella
Edinburgh. August. We all know what that means. The humble umbrella is the perfect tool to beat off the thousands of tourists and performers along the Royal Mile.

8. Don’t rely on plans
You may feel smug at having organised your EdFringe to within an inch of its life, but a sudden downpour or technical glitch is all that stands in the way of you being bullied for tardiness or becoming the distracting viewer who spends the last five minutes of a show working out your escape route.

9. Limit stopping time on the mile to ten seconds
Any longer shows weakness and this mistake will see you swamped by everyone with a show to sell, leaving you regretting your very existence.

10. Diet of champions
Start off your day with a £1 breakfast bacon roll (available at most cafes), treat yourself to brunch with a waffle or three (available at most food stands), enjoy lunch at the Mosque kitchen for only a few pounds. Supper will mainly consist of beer, so make sure that before you sleep you fill your stomach with a healthy kebab. Or deep fried haggis. If you do this every day for a whole month and survive, you’ll be a true champion.

Sam Dunham is Producer of the Last Chance Saloon, which is bringing Frankenstein: Unbolted to the Fringe this year. Catch the show every day at Just the Tonic at the Caves. For more information and tickets, visit the EdFringe website.