Over the past six weeks, A Younger Theatre has been collaborating with the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney (ATYP) to showcase the best new monologue writing from ATYP’s emerging playwright programme, Fresh Ink, to UK audiences. As part of the The Voices Project: Tell It Like It Isn’t, Fresh Ink’s young playwrights wrote monologues about first love and heartbreak, which were then adapted into the short films Boot and Bat Eyes. After introducing A Younger Theatre readers to the work of Fresh Ink via films, interviews and blogs, we are now presenting the original monologues that sparked the project. You can watch Jessica Bellamy’s Little Love (the original monologue for Bat Eyes) and Joanna Erskine’s Boot (the monologue for the short film of the same name) below.

Jessica Bellamy’s Little Love, performed by Sam O’Sullivan

Joanna Erskine’s Bat Eyes, performed by Laura Hopkinson

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