How should a company like ours go about selling tickets? Well, perhaps the obvious starting point is online. Most tickets seem to sell best online at the moment, perhaps driven by the impulsiveness of being able to just click a few buttons and book. Also, the offers and deals, good seats and the general ease of it all are attractive. So how should FreeRange best harness this?

Tickets for Love Remains and C-Dub are now on sale through the Leicester Square Theatre Box Office, but what else can we do? We’re only performing the shows for the one date, but still obviously want to sell them out.

My first step was to set up an offer: if you buy tickets to both shows then it’s only £12 per person. I hope that we can encourage people to buy both and make a bit of a day of it, finishing with drinks with the cast and creative team in the evening.

What’s really difficult though is to know how best to actually market something like this. I think it’s fair to suggest it won’t be incredibly difficult to sell out just for the one night, but nevertheless I want to do things properly, and not just fill the seats with our friends and families.

Also, it’s hard to know how best to go about trying to get any sort of press presence at the shows. I think it’s fair to say that the big names such as Mark Shenton and Dominic Cavendish won’t be interested, but I’m still keen to get as much in the way of reviews generated as possible. So I think the first move is to get a press release sent out to as many people as possible. But how do I actually know who to put on this list? Also how many free tickets should I be providing? Once the playwright and his team and any members of the press go on the guest list, will I actually have any tickets left to sell?!

So this week is full of questions. But actually having the show on sale is the most wonderful confidence boost. I know now that there’s no way out! I have to have two shows ready for performance in a central London venue in just under six weeks.

I’m hoping that I’ll be writing the next blogs with answers to the above questions as opposed to another panicky ramble. But then again, this is why we do theatre I suppose. The pressure and atmosphere is absolutely glorious.

The call-back auditions for Love Remains are this week, and we’ll be able to announce the actress playing Sarah in next week’s blog. I may include a few words from the cast next week as well. Writing on C-Dub is progressing relatively well although, as any comedy writer will tell you, it is sometimes hard to know when you’re being funny and when you’re just being boring or naff. I’m also hoping to set myself a deadline of having some sort of taster of C-Dub online in a couple of weeks.

So loads of excitement, lots of learning, bags of nerves and energy, and a huge sense of anticipation for the coming weeks.