The past two weeks have been even busier than usual. The big focus has been on press and marketing. Ticket sales are very slow, but I think part of that is just the climate at the moment. We’re slowly gaining an online presence though, and I reassure myself that things are going well by regularly Googling us. As well as wasting time attempting to keep my ego up, I’m writing off to papers and websites to try and generate as much of a buzz as possible.

My desk is beginning to get totally covered in paperwork and the days seem to go by so incredibly quickly that I’m forgetting what I’ve got to get done, and when all the deadlines are. I’ve sorted all the posters and leaflets out, had them printed, and am now starting to distribute them.

I definitely need to get myself a business advisor for our next projects, as I never set a budget or any limits on what I spend, which will end up coming back to bite me. I think my problem is that if I want a piece of set I just buy it, instead of looking at other options sensibly. Which is a bit of a flaw when trying to ensure we turnover and don’t make a loss.

It’s difficult to know how best to reduce costs on set. If anybody has any suggestions then do let me know. I know making stuff ourselves has benefits, but the expense is still high.

Writing on C-Dub is going well, but it’s becoming more daunting the closer we get to performance date that there’s still so much devising to be done, let alone all the staging and choreography. I’m finding building a show from scratch much more of a challenge, because I know exactly how I want it, and it’s harder to compromise when it’s my own material.

What are people’s thoughts on building some sort of forum or online network for theatre companies to share ideas on set or rehearsal practice, or any other aspect of theatre work? I feel like it’s difficult to know what I should be doing, and what mistakes I’m making because there aren’t many places where it’s all shared. There are fantastic groups like Masterclass or Twespians, and sites like AYT, as well as the usual social networking sites (particularly Twitter), which help make sharing information and thoughts easier, but I feel like perhaps there isn’t anything quite right. Do other people agree with me? Or am I just missing a site that there already is?

This week I need to completely finish writing C-Dub, start detailing Love Remains, and work more on press, marketing and also on programme design. All is busy, but all is well.

Tickets for Love Remains and C-Dub are now available from the Leicester Square Theatre box office.

Photo by Craig Whitehead. To see more of his work visit his website.