We’ve come to the end of the first performances of our two brand new productions. The shows are cleared, the rehearsal space is empty, our cast has, for now at least, dispersed. We sold out one show, covered the stage in squirty cream in another, and now I have time to reflect.

It’s been a very challenging journey on this project, and it’s been particularly humbling. I’ve always found it difficult to delegate, and it’s become fairly clear that this approach can often cause huge difficulties. By writing, performing, directing and producing, I became so swamped that the quality definitely suffered. Also it has the knack of coming across as quite self indulgent and egotistic. Next time I need to make sure I get other directors in, and I’ll purely run the producing and admin elements. My aim was to get us started before taking more of a managerial seat anyway, so this is a good point to start.

As some of you will have seen on our website, we did get some local press coverage, and it’s left me asking what I should be doing as regards to press now that we’re finished? We only played to 120 people, but nonetheless I feel there should be some sort of closing press release. What should I put in it though? Of course there were no significant reviewers there, and although I’ve got some written reviews from audience members, that doesn’t sound particularly strong or exciting in a press release. So I’ve hit a bit of a wall there. If you’ve got any suggestions, do please comment below.

I’m also very keen to get our website looking better, and generally improve the efficiency and presence of the company. I think I need to appoint permanent staff to the following roles:

Head of Press and Marketing

Website Director

Business Advisor

two Assistant Creative Directors

Head of Education

Am I right to think that, although we’re offering no money, students who are studying or interested in the above areas would be interested in getting involved purely for the experience and their CVs?

Of course on top of this group of permanent staff would be the casts and creative teams who come in and out for particular productions.

I think it’s about admitting that to make us as good as my ‘dream’ is, I have to get more specialist people in. I’ll post the jobs on our website in the next couple of days.

So it’s time to rebrand FreeRange, and really get things going in a different way. I’ve still got so so much to learn, but with a new group of staff I hope that we’ll start heading towards that vision I want FreeRange to become. Cliched? This is theatre darlings; let’s turn up the cheese!

I’m planning our next productions for November this year, or possibly during summer. I’m not sure what they’ll be, but I plan to keep at our centre the wonderful words of an audience member on Saturday: “FreeRange Productions lack neither nerve nor talent”.

That’s what I think we, the next generation of theatregoers and practitioners, should be aiming to do: make our mark. We should be adventurous and believe in ourselves, but learn to work together and not try to do everything alone.

If you’re interested in joining FreeRange, or applying for one of the jobs above, please email ChrisWheeler@freerangeproductions.co.uk.