The finalists for the 2015/16 Perfect Pitch Awards have been announced.

Perfect Pitch, along with the Theatre Royal Stratford East, have given four teams the chance to win the £12,000 fund to develop a new musical.

Andy Barnes, Executive Director of Perfect Pitch said: “They had an interesting voice in terms of their different ideas and talents and they thought outside the conventional box of what a musical might be.

“We were not necessarily looking for people to break boundaries, we were looking for people to approach things in as fresh a way as possible so that the work that ultimately comes out of this will speak to an audience we are trying to develop for new musical theatre.

“Personally, I think we’ve been fed a diet of musical theatre being a certain type of thing, and I think it can be so much more than that, so we were looking for people who we think might be able to bring that to the table.”

The finalists teams are Zara McFarlane and May Sumbwanyambe, Ashton Moore and Ben Fensome, Craig Adams and Daniel York, and Gavin Whitworth, Shireen Mula, and Joe von Malachowski.

Finalist teams are expected to present a 10 minute pitch for a musical theatre idea, which will be judged at the Perfect Pitch Award show that will take place at St James Theatre in London on February 5, 2016.

Actor, singer and Perfect Pitch Patron Michael Ball, will form part of the judges line-up, alongside Comedian David Baddiel and Choreographer Kate Prince.

The winning team of the 2013/14 Perfect Pitch Award, Chris Bush and Matt Winkworth, are now working on their fourth show together and making strides within the industry.

Chris said: “The Perfect Pitch Award has been brilliant for lots of things, but more than anything it’s given me an incredible new collaborator in Matt.

“ODD, our winning show, is still in development, but in a very exciting shape.

Chris’ advice to 2015/16 finalists is to find a creative and compelling way to make their case. He said: “When we won the award in 2014, we made the decision to present the first 10 minutes of our show without explanation and leave the judging panel wanting more rather than try and explain the whole piece and rattle through the narrative – it’s definitely a decision that paid off for us.”