Welcome to Filskit Theatre’s blog for A Younger Theatre. We are Sarah, Katy and Victoria, who all graduated from Rose Bruford Drama School. We wish to share our trials and tribulations, raise topics of interest and share our experiences as a young theatre company.

It all began back in 2008 – we had just finished a 3 month placement in gorgeous Barcelona, followed by a stay at the Au Brana Cultural Centre in France.

The clocks went forward, and two Rose Bruford students missed their coach back to London. A seven hour wait at Toulouse airport followed, and in this time, Katy and Sarah, notebooks in hand, began to plan out their dream of starting their own theatre company, devising exciting new work and, naturally, being fantastically successful! In their exhausted, starving and penniless state, they thought, why not make a go of it? (There are probably easier, less dramatic and all round less stressful ways to start a theatre company!)

They eventually made it back to London and after much ridicule from family and friends at their transport mishap, Katy and Sarah joined forces with fellow students Victoria and Jordanna. It was then that Filskit Theatre was born. At this point it would be lovely to say “and the rest is history”, but that was definitely not the case. Upon graduating, we suddenly found ourselves very small fish in the large and oversubscribed theatre pond. In 2010 we completed our first piece, The Living Canvas. Now in February 2011, we have just finished devising our second show, a retelling of the classic fairytale Snow White.

On this journey we have had successes, notable failures, changes of opinions, steadfast stubbornness, frustrations and excitement, all made bearable with obscene quantities of tea and biscuits. As well as new experiences, we have met a number of people on the way. These include those in a similar position to us, trying to get their toes on the first step of the ladder, to those consummate in their profession.

With all this, we thought we cannot be alone, hence starting this blog, not only to document our process from devising to performance and onwards, but also for other young artists or aspiring theatre makers. We’ll be writing about our experience of being a young company in London, making work right now.

We’ll be sharing our thoughts and anecdotes every fortnight on A Younger Theatre. Until next time…

Big love from the Filskit Ladies