Often, attending a beautiful show, people forget how much work actually goes into creating something so visually elaborate and exciting. I have discovered that working backstage in theatre and is just as important as any role on stage.

TheatreCraft’s tour of the Royal Opera House fly tower focused on lighting, staging and what goes on behind the scenes of a performance. The tour offered insight into how much technology has made our lives so much easier. The fantastic tour guides showed us the ropes (literally) and gave participants the opportunity to get their hands on the complicated technology.

A technician briefly shared his expertise knowledge on the hundreds of metal bars, that pull up the curtains, move the lights, change the sets and more – including a bit about health and safety! We were taken high up into the exclusive parts of the building and at one point, all the lights went out backstage and we caught a glimpse of the beautiful stage below us, as lighting technicians rehearsed for the various shows this week. I can only imagine how fast paced the backstage atmosphere would be when a show is actually going on!

It’s truly astonishing that so much goes into making a show as amazing as it is. Technological advances have helped the artistic industry go beyond its previous limitation.

Image by paulmmay