you me worldGet nine strangers in a van to reveal their innermost thoughts and ideas to each other, and you’ve managed to make a rare and tangible connection which is seldom seen in our modern work-stressed society. However, Olly Hawes looks to do just this and answer the question “Do people make love in the same way they dance?” in this shining gem of a show.

Taking place in a van just outside Zoo Southside, this “audience contribution” piece of performance art theatre invites its audience to answer a set of explorative questions about their lives and ideas on the universe. Their answers, as well as a number of other philosophical ideas are then related in a spoof game show where every audience member is a contestant and there are no wrong answers. A very brave foray into the ideas of universal connectedness of people, Hawes’s show is unique in its communal approach to performance and theatrical experience.

Aside from the interactive elements of the production, there are a series of monologues delivered by the young performer, retelling in skewed cycle a story of a tuesday night clubbing experience and the scale and expanse of the universe. In turns touching, humorous and heartwarming, Hawes’s delivery of these moments builds a connection with the audience which is becoming less achievable in theatre but here is enthralling. The intimate setting of the performance aids this emotional closeness of the actor to the audience, but it is enhanced tenfold by a moving and stimulating performance that never gives up.

While the set and the venue have an incredibly home-made feel, the slightly chaotic set up of the transitions add to the charm of the whole event. With a intimacy between performer and audience which is closer and more important than any other fringe show I’ve seen, Olly Hawes is a young performer who is sure to find greatness at the Fringe and beyond.

You, Me and the World is at Zoo Southside until 24 August. Fore more information and tickets visit the EdFringe website.