rubberbanditsSelf-proclaimed “devil’s answer to dandruff” Rubberbandits are truly unlike any other act at the Fringe – or anywhere else for that matter. The Irish-based comedy duo perform high-energy parody rap sets that are as deceptively clever as they are absurd. Oh, and they also wear plastic bags over their heads that are never taken off.

More of a gig than an out-and-out show, Continental Fistfight begins with the two realsing that they’ve left the tape for their new musical, also named Continental Fistfight, elsewhere. So they decide to “do a gig” in the meantime as someone else runs home to grab it whilst they play.

Though the two Rubberbandits are adept at crowd interaction, filling the space between their numbers with hilarious faux stand-up routines and off-kilter talk, it is the songs where they really excel. Backed by a huge screen that plays the accompanying music videos behind, the duo are an incendiary sight when in full flow, leaping from pillar to post whilst head-banging and hip-twisting along to the oft heavy throb of their backing.

‘Are you a Hipster or a Hobo?’ is a newer song that goes down excellently, with the video behind drawing obvious comparisons between the now rough chic and genuine vagrancy. ‘Spoiling Ivan’ is another winner  a bouncy jaunt that explores the nature of innocent childhood friendship with an addictive pulse of a chorus.

With clever, incredibly offensive lyrics and a warped yet oddly poignant sense of humour, Rubberbandits are definitely worth a watch for any fan of lyricism or supermarket shopping bags.

Rubberbandits: Continental Fistfight is at Gilded Balloon (Venue 14) until 25 August. For more information and tickets visit the Edinburgh Fringe website.