They say that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach and for this woman, that adage applies in absolutely all circumstances, including theatre. So settled still slightly bleary-eyed in the theatre having been given a free cup of coffee and a pleasantly enormous croissant, Shakespeare for Breakfast was already in my good books. After an hour’s worth of novel Shakespeare yumminess drizzled with good old family humour and a dollop of fresh and innovative talent, I felt satisfyingly full of brilliantly tasty theatre.

Having become something of a Fringe landmark in their twenty one years of breakfasting with the Bard here at the festival, this year Shakespeare for Breakfast has returned with their unique interpretation of Romeo and Juliet,  TOWIE style. Yes, you can forget West Side Story and Shakespeare in Love, this time the star-crossed lovers have been fake-tanned and false eye-lashed within an inch of their brief lives. A constant battle of hearts between the Geordie Billy Elliot-esque Montague and the Twilight-fanatic Capulet, this love, in Facebook relationship status terms, can be described in no better way than “it’s complicated”.

A delightfully universal production that appeals to all the family, Shakespeare for Breakfast is an intelligent twist on pantomime, with audience participation and a good bit of silliness. Cleverly reinventing Shakespeare’s language without insulting it, this production offers an illuminating and funny slant on Shakespeare that can be heartily enjoyed both by Bard connoisseurs and those who have never seen Shakespeare before.

An hour’s worth of morning theatre crammed with chuckles and smiles, Shakespeare for Breakfast will leave you covered in croissant crumbs and with a spring in your step for the day ahead.

*****- 5 stars

Shakespeare for Breakfast is at C until August 27th at 10.00 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For more information and tickets, see the Edinburgh Fringe website.